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Welcome to Sowmanasya!
Music is all around us and it is an integral part of our lives, we at Sowmanasya work towards bringing the joy of music to persons with Special Needs.

Certificate course on Music therapist training program is going on.
For contact: 99621 29333


"Advaitha & Autism" Released By Swami Omkarananda

Lakshmi Mohan Founder Sowmanasya

"Kalaimaamani" Lakshmi Mohan - 2018

Lakshmi Mohan Founder Sowmanasya

PILLAR TIMES: December 01-07, 2019

Lakshmi's "Advaitha & Autism" To Be Released By Swami Omkarananda

வண்ண வண்ண பூக்கள் | Let's Do It For AUTISM

Workshop on Music therapy

Workshop on Music therapy for people with Autism, for music department from Martin Luther King Christian University - Shillong, Meghalaya.

Special AV about Mrs.Lakshmi Mohan

MANAM: Beyond Talk Therapy


Margazhi Music Season

Concert by our students at Margazhi Music season at Bharthiya Vidhya Bhavan

DT Next: Model Citizen

47-yr-old helps autistic children with music

NEWS TODAY: 06.07.2018

Music for the autistic soul

Chief guest at the Arangetram

தினமலர் • பெண்கள்மலர் • 19.5.2018:

ஆட்டிச குழந்தைகளை இசையால் இணைக்கலாம்!
- சொல்கிறார் 'மியூசிக் தெரபி' கொடுக்கும் லட்சுமி மோகன்

ஆட்டிசத்துக்கு மியூசிக் தெரபி சிகிச்சை...! இசைக்கலைஞர் லஷ்மி மோகனின் முயற்சி

TALK TEAM: Special children present a music concert

Sowmanasya Trust celebrated World Autism Awareness Day recently at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore.

Hiranmayi Quest - Awards

TALK TEAM: Book on real life experience

Sowmanasya Trust founder Lakshmi Mohan's latest book was released recently at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.


"Manithanai Iyakkuvathu Manama Moolaya", a Tamil book written by Dr.A.V.Srinivasan and Lakshmi Mohan was released on Oct 12 at R.A. Puram.

NEWS TODAY: Serving autistic children

Music is used as a tool for change. In what could be called best usage of the art form, a Carnatic singer is relying on 'music therapy' to soothe autistic children who suffer from erratic behavioural patterns.


Music can be used to induse positive behavioural changes in children with special needs

Sruti May-2017: Musical morning with autistic Children

Sowmansya Trust celebrated the release of a CD with a musical homage to Tyagaraja, on 2 April 2017.

TALK TEAM: Music as therapy for autism

Lakshmi Mohan, a Tamil writer and music therapist for people with autism recently conducted a workshop for teachers who are working with Autistic children in Maldives at Coimbatore.

At MOP Vaishnava college, Chennai

கல்கி 'ஸரிகம' சிறப்பிதழ்! 25 டிசம்பர் 2016:

எப்படி மனம் துணிந்ததோ...?

Music Therapy for autism

Ivarkalum Isaiyum

Documentary about music therapy for autism.

About the Founder

Lakshmi Mohan Founder Sowmanasya

Lakshmi Mohan Founder Sowmanasya

Lakshmi Mohan Founder Sowmanasya

About Us:

Lakshmi Mohan Founder Sowmanasya
Lakshmi Mohan is the founder of Sowmanasya. She is a Music Therapist who works with persons with special needs. She has also written several short stories and novels in Tamil based on her experiences with persons with Special Needs, these are written with the aim of spreading awareness about the abilities that are hidden in people with Special Needs.

One of the unique features of Sowmanasya is the focus towards bringing out the hidden musical talent of persons with Autism and getting them to perform on stage at various events. Two Music Albums have also been released so far where the Singers were persons with Autism/Special Needs.

Mission Statement
To create a therapeutic environment for persons with Special Needs and their care givers using the medium of Music in general and Carnatic music in particular while also promoting awareness of Special Needs and their hidden abilities by conducting classes, events and publishing music albums and books.